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Hello Everyone My Drawing t
Hello everyone from Pagiee world. My name is dream caster. ('∀'○)♡ a girl a who loves to draw and stuff like that. I CAN'T WAIT TO START ƪ(˘ᴗ˘)┐I hope ...
Hello everyone~! I wasn't sure how to start off, but here's
Hello everyone, Link here and I'm here to show you guys my new Legend of Zelda drawing, well, sketch!
Hello everyone, today I made a new drawing fusion of geno and me, please don't judge of my drawing :3 anyway I hope you like it and yes geno jackets is ...
Hello everyone! Banana Cheerio here and I have great news! So while I realize
Hello everyone! I am staring a Q&A for my OC Libi it's perfect because you guys don't really know much about her! So feel free to ask anything!!
Alyssalynguo on Twitter: "Hello everyone! :) I tried to ink my zero two drawing and this is the result. I hope you like … #medibang… ...
Hizashi: Hello everyone! My first day in U.A. High and I found my first
Happy New Year Everyone,. Happy New Year EveryoneHello EveryoneMy Drawings
It's been raining all day. I had planned to do some washing but found out it won't be happening. To have an effective day, I picked my drawings tools time ...
I tried to make it look like the CG we get from the route but it didn't come out good enough. I didn't color it because I don't have the correct colors.
Drawing Board, Hello Everyone, My Drawings
As I told I didn't intended to make this drawing so I haven't made any circle-line structure. I just made a rough sketch.
Hello everyone 😊 ~inspired by ~ Btw asked me why I don't use arty. I kinda forgot him in Israel so until of April arty won't be with us 😔.
Hello everyone I need YOUR help! Usually in my drawing process I draw a weird face and turn it into someone. I don't know who to tune it into please give me ...
Hello everyone! With this post I wanted to introduce you to something I've been thinking about and working on for sometime my very first collection of my ...
Also sorry if my english isn't the best OnO (
... drawing I've moved to my brothers place so I haven't gotten time to draw alot since chores and stuff but I have made a progress drawing so pls wait a ...
Hello everyone❤ I would like to a Say something , I'm Egyptian not
Hello everyone. I know it doesn't look like my drawings because it isn
... but it seems kind of ridiculous with black paper covering up the stuff they haven't seen yet, lol. Does anyone actually do this kind of thing?
As you can see my first house is not complete. That happened because I ran out of space as was taken by the drawing. I didn't plan for that and I fought ...
I still not fully understand about this watercolor pencil, if you have any critics or tips and trick about how to use it, I'd be happy. Well, That's all for ...
Hope to get to know all of you better, lots of talented folks here !
Hello everyone! Introductions aren't my specialty, but I'll do my best. My name is Stephan and welcome to my column “Sketchy Pencil Point.
Hello everyone! My picture for @mitsucci_art's contest has finally been completed! This is
Hello everyone! While I wouldn't call myself an artist, I have been drawing for most of my life. In the past I've used mostly graphite and charcoal, ...
Hello everyone! I know I haven't been active lately but I'm graduating soon and I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my life so I haven't been ...
8 Tips For Improving Your Drawing Skills
Lions in motion study.
Hello everyone! So today I tried to draw in a phone with my finger.
Hello everyone!If you don't know me i'm an Mangaka who does nothing but draw from Spain. The last week i was in a Otaku convention called ExpOtaku selling ...
Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a good weekend :) Here is my submission of the day. I don't know how many of you are familiar with the cartoon Rick ...
Hello everyone I haven't been posting much because I haven't really liked
゚゚・✿ashlady✿・゚゚・。 op Twitter: "Hello everyone! I've had a lot of messages inquiring about my site being down, right now I'm taking print orders via DM ...
There is also the icon I am using, drawn for me from a friend. Though it isn't quite accurate to my shark now, and he lost the original file for it.
I kinda messed up his eyes and I didn't have much space to draw his body properly.
Hello everyone! Sorry I couldn't talk to you earlier, I was celebrating
Hello everyone, it's been a while. Here's a little sketch I did to brush up on figure drawing, which I haven't done in a long, long time.
Hello everyone! Full creds to @marchingphan for giving me this idea! They made
I felt like it for month but never had the actual calm atmosphere to draw. However I am so proud of what I did and wanted to share.
It may not be much, but I'm trying to draw at least 15-30 minutes every day. Yeah, I goof up on some days and don't post but so far it works for me :)
Raphael Lacoste on Twitter: "Hello Everyone, I added a few drawings and prints in my Store, enjoy !… "
Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last upload. I had a
Hello everyone, it's me with another drawing of my oc Navy. I don't know what else to say expect enjoy the drawing and this took a lot longer to finish xD
Hello everyone! ヽ(´▽`)/ As promised here is the 200
Equipped at the drawing end of the Apple Pencil is a beautifully responsive plastic nib for all manner of sketching and writing. It's pressure-sensitive ...
Hello everyone, when I am bored I draw something random on my hand, don
Hello everyone, didn't know what to
Hope to get to know all of you better, lots of talented folks here !
Okay so I took in y'alls advise which was very helpful! I will do some fan arts along with keeping up with PW pages, Commissions and sketch practice dumps.
My sister's 2017 avatar Hello everyone! This is a drawing of my sister's old avatar
Then I'd be at my desk again. I didn't know how to begin. I was simply too embarrassed to say hello.
Hello everyone! January is almost over, but happy new year guys
photo_library Trang traaannngggg~ 💃💃 Hello everyone ~ This is the last line art (actually
It's all about the practice :)
Something I put together for another game, which looks like its failing. I won't mention which game it is.
I don't know what is going on I just drew it that's all😂😂😋
Hello everyone! In case you don't look at my stories, the printer
Hello Everyone! This is my new art account I couldn't remember the password
Hello everyone and welcome to the first chapter of my art book! Today I'
¶°Improvement over the years°¶ Hello everyone. Sorry i didn't
@supermesange. Hello everyone !
Something I put together for another game, which looks like its failing. I won't mention which game it is.
photo_library Here's your prize @kosuneko! Hello everyone, just wanted to say thank you for
(spider looks kinda weird - something's off - can't really point out what) Here's some of my old work too.If I compare it to my work from a year ago I can ...
The drawing above is mine, I'll try to draw things you like and will put some photos about my country, and I'll try to discuss everything about languages ...
Hello everyone, this drawing isn't part of my ocs and I don't really know why he is saying that. Sorry if the photo looks weird, ...
Hello everyone, this is my Star Butterfly drawing. I haven't drew for a while because I was running out of ideas and im sick right now, here is my drawing.
Hello everyone, I am Hikarumi and this is my little monster boy, Dixon! ; w ; I am not too good at drawing chibis, so I don't do it often, ...
Then I'd be at my desk again. I didn't know how to begin. I was simply too embarrassed to say hello.
Todd Slater on Twitter: "Hello everyone, my latest QOTSA print is now up on! Full description on the site as always...… ...
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I've been really thankful for all of your supports for my drawings and comics, but due to my lack of English skills, I wasn't really able to say ...
How To Draw Letters In Perspective - 2018 Lettering Daily
AutoDraw: Fast Drawing for Everyone
themarshmellowsnowqueen: “ Hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted in
... INKTOBER- Vampire-Day12 Hello Everyone! This is my last drawing that I made
Pen Grier
Happy holidays to everyone! I don't know about you, but here is me the past few weeks:
•Hello Everyone!🌿• • omg did I draw somebody without dark brown hair
Hello everyone hope you all are good. So I read a message on sowing and
Hello everyone, have you met Totoro? Practicing floral patterns to make my drawings look
HELLO everyone 😊 Aaa... Sorry I don't post so much.
Hello everyone!! How are you?? And my new post is again a new oc!! Haven't really thought of a name for her but I will draw her each time I want to ...
AGPtek 17-Inch A4 Size Portable LED Artcraft Tracing Light Pad Light Box Brightness Control with USB Adapter For Artists, Drawing, Sketching, Animation, ...
It's all about the practice :)
Hello everyone🐥 I'm trying different styles because I want to find my personal
Hello everyone hope you all are good. So my
Hello everyone 🤗 here's my of Raven! You haven't seen her for a