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In southwestern Germany the Belsnickel appeared in the weeks
In southwestern Germany, the Belsnickel appeared in the weeks before Christmas to switch naughty children.
Belsnickel. From Wikipedia ...
Belsnickel Belsnickle Christmas Santa German Candy Container Papier Mache 11"
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Here are Europe's Most Terrifying Christmas Traditions
The Belsnickel Tradition
Marcus Schneck | [email protected]
Germany, cardboard tube and composition body, fur beard, wearing fur-like lime green robe trimmed in white, separates at waist for candy retrieval, ...
Marcus Schneck | [email protected] The name Belsnickel is a compilation of the German ...
German-style Santa CANDY CONTAINER~"RARE" color green: OOAK by: Jean Littlejohn
LAVENDER ROBE BELSNICKLE for auction. Germany, composition Santa with crushed mica flecked lavender robe, feather tree sprig in arm.
A bit like Santa, but he has a whip: Check out this kinda creepy Pennsylvania Dutch icon
Belsnickel as depicted by artist Ralph D. Dunkelberger in Alfred L. Shoemaker, Christmas in Pennsylvania: A Folk-Cultural Study (Kutztown, PA: Pennsylvania ...
Belsnickel-wha?: Holiday Traditions in the Shenandoah Valley
Antique German Santa "Jack In The Box". ca1920.
extremely rare antique 6" german Dresden Santa Claus candy container ornament
German Santa lanterns Old Lanterns, Christmas Past, German, Deutsch, German Language
Belsnickel is usually dressed in grab, or fur robes. In other folks lore he has a mask a long tongue. He is other depicted wearing his hat and holding his ...
13,5 inch Paper mache *Walking German Santa* candy container by Paul Turner
The folklore of Belsnickle supposedly originated in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.
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Julia Hatmaker, [email protected]
Marcus Schneck | [email protected]
Der Belsnickel. A venerable Christmas Yule tradition from Germany ...
Figurine appearing as Santa is actually a German entity, Belsnickle - The Advocate-Messenger | The Advocate-Messenger
Beware Der Belsnickel!
Belsnickel in Modern Day Travel Attire.JPG
The Elf on the Shelf balloon floats in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York
Belsnickel Belsnickel Etsy
A Belsnickel is the German companion of Saint Nicholas which is still in use as a Christmas figure in the Pennsylvania Dutch community.
Sinterklaas arriving in the Dutch town of Schiedam in 2009
Family members young and old dressed as the controversial character Black Pete during a recent Sinterklaas
Belsnickel Ceramic Ornament
Knecht Ruprecht by J.F. Götz, 1784
... Knecht Ruprecht in most of Germany, Belsnickel in southwest Germany, Klaubauf in Bavaria, Pere Fouettard in northern France, Cert in Czech Republic, ...
Christmas Is Awesome And So Should You: 10 - Belsnickel, The Whipping Father, and Farmhand Rupert
Pelsnickling, as it was called locally, was a popular rural amusement, especially among the Pennsylvania-German settlers living in the western side of the ...
In addition to a historical introduction to the Belsnickel,
“Devil” Belsnickel mask used in the Shenandoah Valley, early 1900s. Probably burlap and paint. Collection of the Luray Valley Museum, Luray Caverns.
What is the Belsnickel? Why is it part of a Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas?
Whether one is a Christian or not, the prevalence of Christmas celebrations around the world - not to mention the rampant consumerism built up around it ...
Randy Traini
Some see the Belsnickel as an amalgamation of the forgiving, gift-giving Saint Nicholas and Krampus, a horned, half-goat half-demon, who during the ...
This year, why not give the gift of fear and unrelenting nightmares just like in the good old days! Merry Christmas, kids! Belsnickel ...
Photograph taken circa 1940's at John and Magdalena (Feist) Schmidt's farm near Napoleon, North Dakota.
Predating traditions of Christianity, more likely than not. And as I have stated earlier as well, when the Santa we know first rolled ...
Two Dutch women in costume as Zwarte Piet
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Santa's Grumpy Assistant To Visit Old Economy Village For Celebration « CBS Pittsburgh
In some German and Pennsylvannia Dutch communities, Belsnickel shows up a couple weeks before Christmas, filthy and dressed in rags and furs to beat the ...
A person dressed as Krampus at Morzger Pass, Salzburg (Austria)
“Santa Claus” Belsnickel mask used in the Shenandoah Valley, early 1900s. Probably burlap and paint. Collection of the Luray Valley Museum, Luray Caverns.
And you thought the Elf on the Shelf was creepy.
Kukeri on the prowl
Ok so these two are tied at the bottom simply because Michael isn't in them. Don't get me wrong, they are still hilarious. Unrelated, but I high key ...
christmas traditions in germany
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As a result of the Catholicism in the south, Weihnachtsmann, the guy who delivers presents on the 24th, is more prevalent in Northern Germany, ...
Where & When Article: Santa, The Easter Bunny and Phil
A #belsnickel Santa /#pelzmärtel in the making... Ready soon👈
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A lone creepy woodsman, Belsnickel also very likely has ties to other, older, pagan figures which will be discussed in later blog posts. As we will learn, ...
Amongst the Pennsylvania Germans, Belsnickel visits homes a week or more before to Christmas. He would rap on the door or window children who greeted him ...
1881 illustration by Thomas Nast who, along with Clement Clarke Moore's poem A Visit from St. Nicholas, helped to create the modern image of Santa Claus
Participants dressed as Perchten roam village streets to chase away evil winter spirits in the annual
STEAM GROUP. Belsnickel's ...
Krampus drooling over the prospect of thrashing naughty young tots (photograph by Horst A.
Christmas time in Germany ...
#the ...
German Belsnickle Santa Papier Mache Candy Container
Michelle Reeve Art Print featuring the painting Pennsylvania Belsnickel 3 by Michelle Reeve
Zwarte Piet - Head Piet carrying the Boek van Sinterklaas on the way from the Steamboat
Men dressed as "Krampus", a half-goat, half-demon figure
Pennsylvania Dutch side of the Washington/Jefferson sleeve.
Soldiers from both sides(the French and the Germans)exchange cheerful conversation
Kukeri and their towering fecundity
Belsnickels - Father Christmas drawn in December 1847 by Kenny Meadows for the Illustrated London News
English language side of the Washington/Jefferson sleeve.
Belsnickel wwwpostgazettecomimage20131127720xq90cMC
Canadian Prairies - A canola field in the Qu'Appelle Valley in Southern Saskatchewan.
Photograph of Dr. Tunstall Chenault “T. C.” Powers (1916-2000) around the time of his “belsnickeling” days. Courtesy of the Powers family.
Picture of the Pennsylvania Dutch version of the Belsnickel, taken in the 1950s at an event near Philadelphia.
When they appear in Lunenburg County they are now confined to Christmastide parades. Belsnickel or Belschnickel, Belznickle, Belznickel, Pelznikel, ...
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