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Using newly installed facialrecognition technology a man entering
The culprit's real ID was concealed in his shoe (pictured right) (Image: US CBP/twitter)
The facial-industrial complexEver better and cheaper, face-recognition technology is spreading
Miami Int'l Airport To Use Facial Recognition Technology At Passport Control
Turning heads: an installation view from the Tony Oursler show at the Lisson Gallery
A man tries out a facial-recognition toilet paper dispenser at a toilet in the Temple of Heaven park in Beijing, China. (Ng Han Guan/Associated Press)
Twins Pay With Facial Recognition Technology In Hangzhou
Iris scanners are becoming more popular – but they can never be as secure as a
Facial recognition technology could come to Macau
Danny Lee
Security Tightens In NYC Ahead Of Clinton And Trump Election Night Events
Airports across the US are testing facial recognition technology. — AFP Relaxnews
Facial Recognition Technology Catches Impostor at Dulles
tokyo 2020 olympics facial recognition
Photograph at an airport. Photograph at an airport ( Getty ). A new facial recognition technology caught a man trying to enter the US using ...
Your face is worth real money to sports teams
Schools Eye Facial Recognition Technology to Boost Security
New York schools eye facial recognition technology to boost security
Facial recognition technology used as airline passengers arrive at a terminal.
... flights will be able to choose whether they want to use the biometric authentication system and go paperless with the new facial recognition tech
Chinese Police caught the man using facial recognition technology
A toilet paper dispenser that uses facial recognition technology at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing
Home Tech. Biometric verification. Modern young man with the phone.
Facebook must face lawsuit over facial recognition technology, judge rules
U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at Dulles International Airport found the man's real ID hidden in his shoe. He had allegedly tried to enter the ...
Ms Dick said the government has not provided sufficient leadership on new technology like facial recognition
Station manager Chad Shane of SAS Airlines takes a traveler through the scanning process at Dulles
A suspect tried to blend in with 60,000 concertgoers was recognised by facial-recognition cameras and Chinese police swooped in and caught him.
The days of having to remember your ID could soon be a thing of the past
Stephen Chen
Shannon is first airport in Europe to have facial recognition installed for US preclearance. Photo
New facial recognition tech catches first imposter at airport - Mirror Online
Meng Jing
People try out immigration machines that use facial recognition during an experiment at Narita International Airport in 2014. | KYODO
Epigen Powers Facial Recognition in the Cloud with MemSQL – Case Study
Biometric facial identification of a passenger will replace both the ticket and the boarding card.
Lockport among schools eyeing facial recognition technology to boost security
The system in use at Shannon Aiport. Photo: Eamon Ward Photography
Under the Indian government's proposals passengers would have their identity verified by being photographed at every
Facial recognition technology needs some ethical guidelines, says one researcher.
Some firms in China now use artificial intelligence–powered facial recognition programs to confirm identities.
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CBP face recognition check.jpg
Geoff Cropley, Noah Facial Recognition
A Chinese police officer wears a pair of smartglasses with a facial recognition system at Zhengzhou East Railway Station in Zhengzhou in China's central ...
Macau last year installed facial recognition technology across its ATM network. Photo: David Wong
A customer tries Alipay's facial recognition payment solution "Smile to Pay" at KFC's new
Scott Ong
Apart from being used in smartphones, facial recognition technology is now also being used in airports and it has successfully spotted its first imposter in ...
A visitor to a public restroom at the Temple of Heaven Park in Beijing uses a
Indian police trace 3,000 missing children in just four days using facial recognition technology
US Cops Use Facial Recognition Tech to Open Suspect's iPhone X - Report
The Metropolitan Police are to launch a second facial recognition trial in Stratford, east London
The biometric facial map helps read emotions on a human face.
Security checks a crowd entering Madison Square Garden before Pope Francis conducts a Mass in New
Facebook believes spammers were behind its biggest hack in history. Getty
By Consumer Reports April 02, 2016
Man in face recognition concept
Using facial recognition technology that can pick people out of massive crowds.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge. New facial recognition tech ...
Human rights groups fear that authorities are using 'big data' on individuals to crack
Microsoft president Brad Smith said the firm was adopting a set of principles for deployment of
Photo: Satish Kumar for The National
Schools Can Now Get Facial Recognition Tech for Free. Should They?
facial recognition
One of the most common facial recognition programs is Face++ which is used to manage entry everywhere from Beijing's train stations to Alibaba's office ...
A student trying out the facial recognition system to enter the south-west gate of
Police could one day use body cameras fitted with real-time facial recognition. Pictured
A public information poster displayed during a Metropolitan Police trial of automatic facial recognition in Stratford
... are informed by large posters and floor stickers that their images are being captured and used in a pilot project testing facial recognition technology.
Facial recognition gets interesting — and useful
The Construction Bank of China has recently introduced facial recognition technology at its automatic teller machines (ATM), according to Xinhua.
Paying with Your Face
iPhone X facial recognition: How Apple's new Face ID technology actually works
Illustration of a facial recognition system concept.
India plans facial recognition technology at airports
Shanghai's Hongqiao airport now allows passengers to opt for a fully automated check-in process
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Image for Pros and Cons of Facial Recognition Technology For Your Business
Facial Recognition Technology: A Boon To Law Enforcement, A Blow To Privacy Advocates | HuffPost
The Associated Press
China FacialRecognition Megvii FacePlusPlus (20 of 27)
Three Facial Recognition Gates introduced for the arrival processes of Japanese nationals at Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport).
Shopper in store aisle with her face being scanned
These mall directories in Chinook Centre are using facial recognition technology to approximate shoppers' ages and genders. (Sarah Rieger/CBC)
Joburg's new hi-tech surveillance cameras: A threat to minorities that could see the law targeting thousands of innocents
The Digi Yatra platform would be operational by February 2019, according to the ministry.
The famous tourist town of Wuzhen, China, is now using face-recognition technology
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Face Recognition And Identification Vector. Face Recognition Technology. Face On Screen. Human Face With Polygons And Points. Scanning Security
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From Alexa to AirPods: tech that changed our lives in 2017 | Financial Times
Palestinian Muslim worshipers prevented from entering the Al-Aqsa Mosque gather for Friday prayer outside Jerusalem's Old City (AP)
In New Zealand, in an effort to identify problem gamblers, facial recognition technology that monitors patrons as they enter gaming facilities is being ...