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Ancient architecture t
... Parthenon, ...
... Century AD (not actually ancient, but we included it anyway)
Ancient Greek architecture
The Pantheon is thought of as one of the most remarkable structures to have been erected in Ancient Rome. The simple look to the building doesn't do the ...
My blog post is a little different this week, but hey, we can't talk about stone resurfacing all the time right? Today, I want to write about my recent trip ...
How Does Ancient Greek Architecture Influence Us Today, or Other Civilizations That Came After It?
Ancient Architecture of the World - The History of Architecture - The Art History Archive
Surprisingly, it wasn't until the 20th century that Modern architecture finally broke the chokehold that the elements of classical Greek architecture held ...
You can't travel Rome and not go and see the colosseum. So much history !
Temple of Amun, Karnak
Some of the best ruins in Athens can be found at the Ancient Agora.
Classical Architecture
Bacchus temple at the Roman ancient ruins of Baalbek, Lebanon.
Ancient buildings
Rooms carved into the side of a big gray cliff, with stairs and walkways ...
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The amphitheatre surrounded by buildings - The Baroque Buildings And Sights of Lecce, Italy
... buildings that wish to display an image of grandeur and classic sophistication. The Jefferson Memorial in the US couldn't look more Roman if it tried.
5 Shockingly Advanced Ancient Buildings that Shouldn't Exist
... Arch of Septmius Serverus ...
2nd Place 6th-8th Grade Celina T Age 12 Ancient Chinese Architecture. ‹
vomitoria ...
THE KAZAKHSTAN'S ARCHITECTURE of the Ancientry and the Middle Ages ...
Tengwang Pavilion,Nanchang,t raditional, ancient Chinese architecture, made of wood Stock
... Ionic, and Corinthian ...
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greek architecture 3D
Why Ancient People Needed God, Why Modern People Don't, and Why I Still Do
... Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, ...
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Brick masterpiece: The Red Church, Perushtitsa
Ancient mughal architecture domes at Hauz Khas delhi These border the Hauz Khas royal bath and
History of Western Architecture
Historical Architecture: Ancient fort of Al Ain, Emirate Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
I Don't Want to Be an Architect Anymore
Six Not-to-Miss Shows at the Venice Architecture Biennale - The New York Times
Beautiful Indian-Design [Don't know the city / town location. Does anyone else know that?]
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Ancient Egyptian Architecture
Cultural Attractions in Rome
Classic Athenian temple: T. of Hephaistos
Roman amphitheater arena, ancient coliseum architecture in Pula royalty-free stock photo
Although there were a lot of people at the same time, it didn't feel crowded because of the sheer size of the construction.
The pyramids of Giza on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters
Pantheon: the Marvel of Ancient Roman Architecture - a must see on any Roman itinerary
Greece isn't about the ordinary. It is about grandeur, elegance and splendour
Architecture Under the Colonial Rule
Image of Roman Forum in Rome, Italy during sunrise.
The secret of the longevity of Roman buildings like the Colosseum and Pantheon is Roman concrete. It owes its strength to volcanic ash – pozzolana.
egyptian inventions
19 Amazing South Indian Temples That Will Blow Your Mind With Their Architectural Excellence
The Colosseum is a huge public entertainer, which can seat 45k spectators and if you don't mind standing the number increases to 70k.
CMFUN France Paris Sketched Ancient Architecture Building City Drawing Drawn Eiffel Pillowcase Cushion Cover 18x18 inch
Two different kinds of columns at the Acropolis in Athens (Picture by Katherine Poseidon)
odeon of herodes atticus athens greece
Athens Bucket List: 13 sites you can't miss in Athens and that you
Charminar - one of Hyderabad's most famous ancient monuments
Jarash is the second most visited ruins in Jordan, just a 45 min (1.5 JD) bus ride from the North Station. It seemed popular so I wasn't sure what to expect ...
Shallow, parallel groves (flutes) run from the bottom to the top of the shaft. The Doric capital consists of two parts, a round echinus and a square abacus.
mud mosque djenne mali wide
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Ancient Jerusalem - Architecture
Picture of the Parthenon from the west
Virginia Duran Blog- 23 Spots You Shouldn't Miss in Miami If You Love
Our first list of the ancient wonders is located in India named Chand Baori. Chand Baori is actually the name of an ancient well and it's precisely located ...
Alegra Boutique Hotel in Ein Karem, Jerusalem. Photo: courtesy
Nashville, Tennessee has been called the Athens of the South since the mid 19th century. In a part of the country which at the time, wasn't renowned for ...
The Romans used the concrete for the core of there buildings because it wasn't very appealing. They covered the concrete in marble and clay bricks.
Celsus Library in Ephesus
The stone blocks were notched, then fitted together so that they interlocked in three dimensions. The result was buildings strong enough to withstand ...
Ancient Machining at Petra This is What Mainstream Science Doesn't Want You To See
19 ~ Athens PARTHENON TEMPLE, 1905 CLASSICAL GREEK Architecture Design Art Print
8 things you probably didn't know about the Romans
Most people don't know there are Teotihuacan tunnels creating a labyrinth below the archaeological
If you wish to experience life in Rome during ancient roman time, don't miss this amazing perfectly preserved ancien commercial mall, stepping on the same ...
Kooiico Mens European Cityscape Scenic Old Town Tallinn Estonia Ancient European Cathedral Architecture Vintage T-
Ruins of antique roman temple in Pompeii, Naples, Italy