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By Francois Kollar Suzy Solidar and Jean Cocteau One cocktail
by Francois Kollar / Suzy Solidar and Jean Cocteau
Gabrielle Chanel, apartment at the Ritz, Photo by François Kollar, 1937. Perfume
wonderfulambiguity: “ Brassaï, Lovers, rue Croulebarbe, near Place d'Italie, 1932 ”. David Molyneaux · One cocktail and two Cocteau's
Making of Orphée - Jean Cocteau
by Georges Dambier / Jean Cocteau, Biarritz(1949) Happy Birthday Jean, Jean
Surrealist painter René Magritte with his wife Georgette Berger. David Molyneaux · One cocktail and two Cocteau's
Suzy Solidor et Jean Cocteau près d'un piano à queue (François Kollar)
Sisters Françoise Dorléac & Catherine Deneuve, No foto credit. David Molyneaux · One cocktail and two Cocteau's
"Antigone "adapted by Jean Cocteau , sets by Picasso , costumes by Coco Chanel ...staring Antonin Artaud . Theatre L'atelier , Paris 1922. "
by Eric Antoine / (Wet plate collodian technique)
Black and White vintage paris black and white photography Brassai notre dame undaunted-pilgrimages. David Molyneaux · One cocktail and two Cocteau's
by Louis Icart / 'Belle Rose' Canvas Art Prints, Fine Art Prints,
Model Tan wearing a French haute couture cocktail dress, 1957. Photo by Frank Horvat
Gabrielle on the Venice Lido, c. 1930, with Misia Sert and Madame Berthelot
The school boys Paris 1930s François Kollar
Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel, Photo by François Kollar, 1938
From the pages of Paris magazine 1938
NEW IN '62
On the left, Ruth Barr, of the Regina Ovesey Advertising Agency, wearing the shift and hat she chose at Jax. Noel Lambert wears a white mohair knitted shift ...
Seventh Avenue
Coco Chanel dans son appartement à l'hôtel Ritz. Photo François Kollar Coco Chanel
For Sale on - Coco Chanel and Suzy Parker by Mark Shaw. Offered by The Andrew Wilder Gallery.
Erich Salomon (German, 1886-1944) '[Portrait of Madame Vacarescu,
Suzy Solidor portraits in the Grimaldi Chateau in Haut de Cagnes.
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Vincent Darre Room To Grow, French Bed, Canopy Beds, New Beds, Paris
Coco Chanel and Suzy Parker, shot by Richard Avedon (1959) Coco Chanel,
Suzy Parker by Terb Agency, I love fancy scarves and wraps on a simple classic dress or even jeans and sweater ensemble white sheath dress cocktail wiggle ...
Nancy Burson (American, born 1948) 'Androgyny' 1982
Cocktail ruffling dancing down the front of a sky-blue Bernard Levine shift.
la mémoire photographie (8786)
la mémoire photographie (8795)
la mémoire photographie (16945)
la mémoire photographie (17534)
Gabrielle Coco Chanel and Salvador Dali (?) - 1940's - The Beach at Deauville - Photo by Gjon Mili
la mémoire photographie (20373)
Mourlot poster de : Les peintres témoins de leur temps III
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Germaine Krull (1897-1985) Image from the portfolio 'MÉTAL' 1928
la mémoire photographie (8785)
Une saison en France A Season in France Mahamat-Saleh Haroun FRANCE, 2017 French
la mémoire photographie (8784)
and if i was yours
la mémoire photographie (10066)
Mikiko Hara (Japanese, born 1967) '[Untitled (Making a Void)
House of Chanel, 1963. Not very groovy; nevertheless, a refreshing change from
The terrace of the famous brasserie La Coupole, boulevard du Montparnasse, 1930, at a time when you could meet Jean Cocteau, Josephine Baker, Man Ray, ...
François Levy-Kuentz SCÉNARIO SCREENPLAY François Levy-Kuentz, Stephan Levy-Kuentz Olivier
la mémoire photographie (17326)
Laquer red tri-corner fringed shawl over a sleeveless jumpsuit.
la mémoire photographie (8791)
Marjut Rimminen,
'Woman of the High Plains, Texas Panhandle' June 1938
by Louis Icart / 'Melody Hour',1934 Art Deco Print, French Artists
Germaine Krull (1897-1985) Image from the portfolio 'MÉTAL' 1928
sskrout's Bookshelves
Germaine Krull (1897-1985) Image from the portfolio 'MÉTAL' 1928
Suzie Templeton,
Installation view of the exhibition 'Dorothea Lange: Politics of Seeing' at the Barbican
'Attic Room' by Louis Icart, 1940. David Molyneaux · One cocktail and two Cocteau's
Lauren Greenfield (American, born 1966) 'Sisters Violeta, 21, and Massiel
Robert Capa
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Francois Kollar
... DE RICHARD STRAUSS De by Oliver Becker et and Ellen Fellmann sera suivie d un cocktail dînatoire. will be followed by a cocktail reception.
adrian in mpls's image adrian in mpls's image
Tomm Moore and Nora Twomey,
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Installation view of the exhibition 'Colony: Australia 1770 - 1861' at NGV Australia
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Nasce a Sceaux, l'8 novembre 1935, è un attore, regista e cantante francese. Quì in una foto del 1963.
DRESS FOR ALL TYPES OF AGE in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India in For sale category under budget 1999.00 INR ₹
Jerzy Kucia,
Il s est par la suite établi dans les îles Lofoten, au nord de la